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Cakes are joy.
If a day is going badly then try caramel to put it back on track. It works every time, believe it.
Cakes are love.
If you want to say you care let the cake speak for you.

Cakes say welcome.
Whether it a new person into the world or a new neighbour they will get your message.

Cakes say sorry.
When you want to express this emotion the cake will help you do this.

So the moral is USE the cake to highlight your emotions and maybe you will get to share it too.
and or yes .......

Cakes are for sharing!


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Our Guarantee

f4 We want you to be happy with your cake and we are sure you will be.
If there is a fault with the cake you buy we will replace it.

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Mt Eden Village
426 Mt Eden Road
Ph: +64 9 638-6499

We love.

Small tarts

Little tarts in seasonal flavours. Always fresh, can be delivered directly to you.